God’s Name In Vain

People in general often refer to taking the Lord’s name in vain as using the name of God along with a curse word. It is even thought that using the name of Jesus with a curse word is the same difference. Using any name referencing God/Jesus in a defamatory way or using them in a […]

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Endure Chastening

Reading these two scriptures with no understanding would make them seem calloused and unloving. We know since “God is love” this form of thinking would be in error. Let us not think with carnality, the thinking of this world, but let us put on the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is found in […]

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No other Gospel

The Gospel. What is there that can be said about the gospel? Are there multiple gospels? Are there different messages other than “The Gospel”? There are those who have a liberal philosophy that anything can be the gospel as long as you believe it. This is obviously false and any sincere christian won’t be deceived […]

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